Leafspark - WDS

Leafspark's Application

Kit: Leafkit

Apprentice: Leafpaw

Warrior: Leafspark

Deputy: Leafspark


She-Cat (Female)

Mother: Bearfur

Father: Tunatail

Sisters: Wildkit, Swirlkit

Age: 28 Moons
Deviant Name: stormcloud0530
Ref Link:



Smart: Leafspark is smart, she is tactical in battle and when hunting, she is good at solving problems.

Gentle: She is gentle and calm around young kits and older cats, she tries not to act like they are ignorant and treats them the way she wanted to be treated when she was a kit.

Friendly: Leafspark is out-going and Easy to make friends with, She cares and wants all she cares for to be happy and well, she makes friends out of clan boundries but is willing to fight if it is a battle she belives should take place.

Strict: She is strict about the code and ways of the warrior, she is not strict to the extent that she is no fun but she makes sure that everycat stays true to the code and breaks no rules.

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